Strategy and Consultancy

Effective and progressive consultancy unlocking unrealised opportunities.

Marketing is a primary function for firms which, when applied effectively and progressively, can have a significant effect on business development, innovation and growth.  To fully understand the concept of marketing and the benefits it can deliver across a business, can unlock opportunities not previously considered or identified.

Grundon Marketing can help you understand how marketing can be more effectively applied to your business by either focusing on specific areas (new and/or existing) or more generally and at a strategic level.  Every business is different, so any recommendations will only ever be specific to you, your customers and to assist with your objectives.

The following are examples of strategy and consultancy projects:

  • Review and/or development of your marketing strategy
  • Healthcheck of your marketing function
  • Establishing a marketing function
  • Marketing and sales alignment e.g. account-based marketing
  • Development of digital marketing strategy
  • Development of marketing plan of activities
  • Development of content and communications plan
  • Development of engagement strategies e.g. clients, retention, social, lead generation, awareness
  • Campaign planning for product or service launches (including relaunches and rebranding)
  • Determining relevant key performance indicators from marketing for strategic oversight
  • IT systems review and development of marketing applications to empower decision-making and transparency across your business e.g. implementation or enhancement of your customer relationship management (CRM) system, analytics and email marketing
  • Engagement with key influencers and journalists within your industry
  • Analysis of customer and user experience within marketing and service channels
  • Compliance review against existing or proposed legislation e.g. data protection and privacy
  • Mentoring, supporting and training existing staff/teams
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