Marketing Communications


On-message, innovative and proactive campaigns delivering results.

Your marketing communications (MarComms) and plans may require elements which require specialist skills or requirements in order to achieve your ambitions. Grundon Marketing can support you by providing the necessary experience and services when and where needed.  

In an ever more competitive environment for businesses, it is important for you to innovate and be proactive in your marketing plans to maximise opportunities for engagement with your customers and prospects. Communicating the right message at the right time can simply be the difference between business won or business lost, or relationships maintained or relationships lost, especially when factoring in the activities from your competitors. We can help with the identification of your potential customers through both traditional and digital methods and ensure that content is delivered to them across relevant and timely channels. 

The brand identity and personality of your business should be a key factor in setting you apart from your competition, so we can help with ensuring your marketing assets reflect any existing guidelines or help to establish your identity, personality, values and positioning. Consistent, integrated and professional communications across your business, from front desk to back office and from online to offline platforms, help to build brand confidence, trust and promise for your customers and prospects.

The following are examples of services:

  • Email marketing (including automation processes)
  • Content marketing, authoring / copywriting e.g. articles, emails, website, product/service/company information, business proposals, press releases, staff biographies
  • Infographics
  • Brand identity, personality and positioning review
  • Website design and redevelopment, including search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Advertisements / Advertising (online and offline)
  • PR e.g. press releases, articles, journalist and publication identification, distribution and engagement
  • Social media, including GIF animations
  • Survey design, processing and evaluation e.g. feedback, reviews, customer satisfaction survey 
  • Internal communications initiatives to ensure your staff are engaged, informed and aligned with your values
  • Profiling and segmenting your customers and prospects
  • Photography and video e.g. staff, office and events
  • Promotional items e.g. clothing and gifts
  • Event branding
  • Retail displays
Get in contact to discuss your project. If this isn’t the service for you, then please review our other services.