Grundon Marketing: 20 years in the making

I decided to set-up Grundon Marketing, a marketing and communications consultancy, in September 2018 because, as well as full-filling a longstanding ambition of running my own business, I came to realise in my career which spans over 20 years in marketing and business development that I was passionate about helping businesses to achieve more from their marketing function.

For many businesses, the creative area of marketing can sometimes be difficult to understand and formalise into planned activities, which can impact on the ability to achieve strategic objectives and growth. Marketing effects all areas of a business, from client-facing assets and communications, the approach to building relationships, the internal systems you use, all the way to Board level, critical decision-making and the values and identity you wish to portray.

As a Chartered Marketer (since 2004) with a broad range of marketing expertise, I can provide you with services to solve your marketing challenges. So, whether it’s a single or small project or a larger project, I would be delighted to speak with you.


After I completed university in 1998 and thrust out into the world to do something with my degree in Business Studies, I knew I wished to apply my passion for creativity in the field of marketing. So my biggest barrier at that point was finding someone or some company who wanted me.

My early career involved many of the ‘typical’ temping experiences but I then found myself at one of Britain’s largest computer hardware, software and solutions companies in a sizeable marketing department. This was my first experience of delivering products and services to the financial services industry.

Later on, I found myself in a bar in London talking to a friend who was a co-founder of an actuarial consultancy business who ‘happened to mention’ that he wanted to develop the marketing function to support growth plans and was wondering if I would be interested. Although I was conscious that this would probably be a short-term move, I was very excited about the challenge ahead. At that stage, I didn’t expect this career move would last 20 years.

My general business experience has been extensive, being involved in a full range of operations, including setting up of IT infrastructure, digital transformation, HR and recruitment. Recently, I have also been involved in voluntary activities which includes assisting a regional branch of a national charity with IT and marketing projects.

Financial services industry

My experience in the marketing department of a large company proved extremely valuable as I soon came to realise the positive impact of marketing within a complex organisational structure. The trust I developed amongst colleagues to influence change at just a junior level really amazed me, which I enjoyed and embraced. I found myself working on projects which not only enabled the company and staff to promote the products and services more effectively but also involved working directly with the Board to help drive innovation through providing marketing services.

The challenge I faced when moving to a small actuarial consultancy was to assist with building awareness of an organisation within new markets which it had very little or no presence. One key reason for wanting to join this firm was the remarkable entrepreneurial character and determination of its co-founders. Again, another great lesson in working with people which can inspire and drive your creativity; or in short, bringing out the best in you.

I worked with many amazing people over the years to build an actuarial and financial services consultancy business into a successful recognised brand and trusted source of expertise within the industry. Marketing projects not only focused on activities in the UK but also around the world.

Especially within the B2B professional services arena, it is important to recognise that people transact with people, and not just the organisation or brand, so building relationships or friendships is key. Marketing as a function in modern times is at an exciting stage of evolution whereby it is ever more critical to assist with creating connections with each of their customers and prospects. Brand management should now be about aligning its objectives with its people, both internal and external.

I look forward to building a reputation for quality and service within my own business and would be delighted to work with you to achieve your ambitions too.

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Grundon Marketing is a specialist in B2B marketing and communications. With over 20 years of experience, our focus is on helping businesses achieve more from their marketing function. Whether it’s strategic guidance and consultancy, project management for specific campaigns, developing your marketing communications and your brand identity online or offline, we have it covered for you.

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